About Kenyon Salo

1500 feet to the bottom from a cliff in paradise!


Kenyon Salo embodies the true meaning behind…”Follow Your Passion.”  Recently Kenyon decided to leave a fast track corporate job in order to follow his dreams, bliss and passion.  He recently cleaned his plate, by selling his businesses of 11 years and focusing only on items that were 100% in alignment with who he is.  After a series of self directed, thought provoking months…Kenyon wrote down his A for Astronaut to Z for Zoologist List.  A list to determine who he was and who was he supposed to become.  An experience where you need to write all the things that you love to do, have done in the past and strengths that who made you who you are today.  This required thinking about things from childhood to yesterday.  In one realization it was very clear that Kenyon would be two things…A Life Change Agent and a Trainer, but one that would include adventure, fear based activities and looking deep into the minds of his clients to help surface what each and every person’s and companies true passion are. 

A coach that would grow into helping 1000s of people find their true inner dreams by confronting those fears and tearing them down.  His belief that if you can confront the worst possible scenario then anything is possible.  A BASE Jumping incident did just that for him.  This experience showed him that death is possible, but “without the realization that death is possible then there is no life to live”…  Click

Passion Before Paycheck grew out of this concept.  The idea behind someone following their passion first and paycheck second.  He found out not only for himself, but in others that wealth came as a byproduct of their success.  Wealth meaning much more than just money, but wealth in all aspects of the human life.  Financial, Mental, Physical, Relationships and Spiritual.




Video 1 - Some of the things Kenyon Salo is Passionate about and would most definitely do them before a paycheck any day of the week. 

Seemingly ordinary people all over the world live extraordinary and inspirational lives as they follow passion before paycheck.  Kenyon’s approach is built in part on sharing their stories with others to inspire and guide them toward their unique personal goals.

He has coined the phrase “Life is an adventure…do not die without one!”  This double meaning phrase goes deep into the soul and makes you think about each and every day that is in front of you.

With almost two decades of his own self development training he has learned to master his mental states when faced with fears on all levels. Examples include fears from death, extreme sports, family and self/personal destruction, overwhelming debt, loss of income, uncertainty and many others.  All of these fears experienced directly by the author himself.  Once this has been mastered it is then possible to harness those fears for power and energy to accomplish anything.  The trick is learning to harness that fear instead of letting it debilitate you.

Please find videos, resume and more information below.


 Video 2:  When you step up to the edge of life and death and contemplate what you are about to do it can be mind boggling.  Often, people find themselves in a moment where they want to freeze or are uncapable of forward progress. 

There are a few people that are able to overcome this barrier and push through.  These particular individuals are the ones that are able to harness the power of fear and turn it into sustanence.  They are able to use this energy to rocket to great things.  Are you this kind of person?  Do you believe you can do great things, but not sure where to start….simply start by clicking right here….

Hire Kenyon as a Life Change Agent

Hire Kenyon as a feature speaker for seminars and presentations

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